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Cached Date is the day the server began being cached(d-m-y).

Showing gtop rankings based on votes from 1/6/2020 until now.

GTOP IDTitleTotal VotesCached Date
79510MapleRoyals - The Nostalgic MapleStory Server2875730-05-2018
87398MapleLegends - The Old School MapleStory Server - MAC Compatible - Custom Balance Changes2522030-05-2018
96744Veracent [V214] - Up To Date (ADELE AVAILABLE)1245111-12-2019
96802Kastia v1791041531-12-2019
90054AriesMS [GMS v214]972730-05-2018
90128MapleSaga v62 - x8 EXP [No HP Washing] [Nerfed Leeching] [Mac Compatible]830630-05-2018
96704StoryMS - No HP Wash, Progressive EXP, Linked Stats, Skill Balances, Item Leveling, Anti-Cheat342802-12-2019
96253Windia ~ Mac/Linux Compatible ~ Progressive Rates ~ No HP Washing301914-08-2019
93369Croosade v142 Progressive & v92 Pre Big Bang301730-05-2018
97128MapleHome v83 - Low Rates [No HP Wash] [No Leech System]140210-03-2020
94878Phoenix - Old School Maple - v3990907-10-2018
96693MapleEunoia v83 - 1000x - 250x - 2x [HD Client included]82328-11-2019
96796MapleTimely - [v83] [720p HD]50727-12-2019
95545Dream MS v83 [4x Exp] [No HP Washing]34306-03-2019
97794MapleVale v83 - 200x 500x 1x - JOIN US TODAY32813-05-2020
96805MapleAvenue v83 - [Low-Rate] [Custom HP Washing System]24028-12-2019
97831Kaotic Maple - Overleveling/Buffed Channels/Items/Bosses/Jobs/Custom Content/Dojo13525-05-2020
97513DurianMS - [V83] - [GMS-Like] - [Instant MOB]11302-05-2020
97227Eclipse [GMS v176] Maplestory Private Server8429-03-2020
97236Castela - recently released! [Elite Channel] [Low rate]7729-03-2020
97416MasterMS v83 - Servidor latino7020-04-2020
95416bbokiMS v83 - 1000x Exp - 400x Meso - 2x Drop [Multiple HD Resolutions]6705-02-2019
97493MapleTales v83 8x EXP - [New Account Free 50K NX][Classic MS][No P2W][HD]4501-05-2020
94164MapleOrigin v83 Reimagined Relaunched4330-05-2018
88888MapleToday - v83 - [8x EXP 5x QUEST 4x MESOS 2x DROP]4220-12-2018
97971MapleSIA [v83] [JOIN US FOR OFFICIAL LAUNCH 03/07]4206-06-2020
97252MapleRaiders v83 [Always Fresh Content] [Custom Exp & Hp] [Weekly Updates] [6/17 Patch 1.6]4001-04-2020
88827MapleKey - v83 - A MapleStory Private Server3930-05-2018
94871Maple`Impact v83 - Hardcore Custom - Rebirth - 15x Exp3805-10-2018
97842Arcania V1792717-05-2020
94510MapleChord v83 - x4-x20 Exp, x3 Mesos, x3 Drop, x5 Boss - 20 Channels [HD CLIENT]2208-07-2018
96332[Maple iDentity] [ Beta Ended ] [ ver 83 ] [ Officially launch on 25 October 2019 ]1602-09-2019
56632ClassicMS - Experience the past1230-05-2018
93910KiotoStory 831212-06-2018
89569IntrinsicMS, The Story within [GMS v176] [Low Rate][Quest Oriented]1008-02-2019
97734MapleStart, v83 10x 5x 2x, Quest EXP x2, New Server, CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK!1006-05-2020
95813denMS v83 [Progressive Rates] - Mac & Linux Compatible905-05-2019
96417Mu Lung - MapleStory Private Server [GMS v162]810-11-2019
96880MapleValley [v62] Open Alpha Phase 2814-01-2020
95734UniverseMS v83 [CLIENT HD] [RATES 4xEXP 2xMESO 2xDROP 2xQUEST]]622-04-2019
95849Orbyss - MapleStory Remastered [New Updates]603-06-2019
96578ElationMS - Officially Launched 6/05604-11-2019
93320MapleLove - MapleStory Viet Nam207-07-2018
94256Maple Art Online230-05-2018
97016MapleSanity - Open BETA Launched 4-20-2020215-02-2020
92001Orion v92 - Nostalgia with a refreshing twist102-08-2018
96642AzureMS - KMS V329 - Rebirth System - Custom Bossing & Mobs - Open Beta113-11-2019
96806SperMS - v95 Meme Server [Alpha]102-01-2020
97191MapleTime - To the beginning of time and beyond - Open Alpha124-03-2020
98005TWILIGHTMS v83 [2020]103-07-2020