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Cached Date is the day the server began being cached(d-m-y).

Showing gtop rankings based on votes from 1/11/2020 until now.

GTOP IDTitleTotal VotesCached Date
79510MapleRoyals - The Nostalgic MapleStory Server1394930-05-2018
87398MapleLegends - The Old School MapleStory Server - MAC Compatible - 16:9 Client - No Hackers1360130-05-2018
96704StoryMS - No HP Wash, Progressive EXP, Linked Stats, Skill Balances, Item Leveling, Anti-Cheat536202-12-2019
90128MapleSaga v62 - x8 EXP [December EXP Event] [No HP Washing] [Mac Compatible] [Nerfed Leeching]254130-05-2018
90054AriesMS [GMS v217]232030-05-2018
98489EggyMS - Officially opens October 9th!111007-09-2020
96744Veracent [V217] - Up To Date99511-12-2019
93369Croosade v149 Progressive & v92 Pre-Big Bang94130-05-2018
96253Windia ~ Mac/Linux Compatible ~ Progressive Rates ~ No HP Washing70014-08-2019
96796MapleTimely - [v83] [720p HD] [v0.06] [中文]45127-12-2019
94878Phoenix - Old School Maple - Anniversary Event40107-10-2018
95416bbokiMS v83 - 1000x Exp - 400x Meso - 2x Drop [Multiple HD Resolutions]33005-02-2019
94164MapleOrigin v83 - PQ Fall Festival Event Live ! - Dynamic EXP28530-05-2018
96693MapleEunoia v83 - 1000x - 250x - 2x [HD Client included]23228-11-2019
98652MapleCitizens [BETA HYPE - NEW FILES LAUNCHING SOON]12707-10-2020
98205TomatoMS v329 [200x 5x 5x - Opened 8-19-2020]7309-07-2020
98365MapleRoad v83 - BETA!6415-08-2020
98255Omni - [v95] - [Windows 10] - [No HP Wash] [Recently Wiped] [Just Released]5324-07-2020
97416MasterMS v83 [Automatic event every day]3420-04-2020
98786MagicMS 魔力枫之谷3315-11-2020
98649Cellion [GMS V188] [BETA]3006-10-2020
96600PadoruMS v92[New Player Event]2909-11-2019
88827MapleKey - v83 - A MapleStory Private Server1530-05-2018
88462StubbornMs v83 BACK TO BETA1403-10-2020
88888MapleToday - v83 - [8x EXP 5x QUEST 4x MESOS 2x DROP]1420-12-2018
94871Maple`Impact v83 - LIVE705-10-2018
98800EliteStory v145 Latino718-11-2020
56632ClassicMS - Experience the past630-05-2018
98610MapleLumiere [GMS v217] [06/11 Beta]501-10-2020
94256Maple Art Online430-05-2018
97842Arcania V179417-05-2020
98860MapleLion V55 Release date 2/12/2020 join us !401-12-2020
89569IntrinsicMS, The Story within [GMS v176] [Low Rate][Quest Oriented]208-02-2019
93910KiotoStory 83212-06-2018
95813denMS v83 [Progressive Rates] - Mac & Linux Compatible205-05-2019
90323JoblessMS, The Nostalgic v62 Server For Odd Jobbers~130-05-2018
97236Castela - recently launched [Party-oriented] [Friendly community]129-03-2020
98717Kaotic Maple Hardcore - Max Level 2000 Tons of Custom Systems125-10-2020
98890OurStory V83 - NEW SERVER - 1000x Exp - 750x Meso - 2x Drop - Further Updates to Come - Hamachi102-12-2020