With the changes from GTOP as of July 4th I am looking to display vote counts again by working with server owners to provide their successful pingback counts via a private API request.

I will automatically request the data every hour to track hourly changes.
I am only looking for the last 2 days of votes but you can provide more if you want.

You can see the currently available service here

Example JSON Response
This is not a required format but I'd appreciate the usage of it.

votes_successful is required.
date OR timestamp is required. Just used to properly date the vote counts, can be any time on that day.
Date must be in UTC and yyyy-mm-dd format.
Timestamp must be a unix epoch timestamp in milliseconds or seconds.

	"votes_successful": 100,
	"timestamp": "1626823325555",
	"date": "2021-07-20"
	"votes_successful": 100,
	"timestamp": "1626826204442",
	"date": "2021-07-21"
Example SQL Query
This assumes you save your votes with a unix epoch timestamp.

SELECT COUNT(`id`) AS `votes_successful`, `timestamp`, `date`
	 SELECT id, `timestamp`, FROM_UNIXTIME(`timestamp` / 1000, '%Y-%m-%d') AS `date`
	 FROM `database`.`vote_log`
	 WHERE `successful` = 0 AND
	) `sub`
GROUP BY `date`
Make sure you have proper indexing on your vote log table.

You can view your SQL servers timestamp using

SELECT @@system_time_zone;

If you need any more assistance or want to contribute your servers vote count you can contact me on discord via DMs. Sadge#3397

I am not interested in making a GTOP replacement or anything of the like. This just exists to show stats.